5 ways running a social media account is like Gardening

Social Media garden in bloom
  1. To keep those social butterflies returning to your patch of lawn, you need to look at what’s doing well and encourage it to grow (and weed out the stuff you don’t want people to see.)
  2. You need to get your hands dirty at least once a week - a little favouriting here, a little re-posting there.  
  3. You find yourself using terms like 'organic growth'.  So Alan Titchmarsh.
  4. If you don’t stop what you’re doing and stretch, you’ll end up at the doctor’s. It’s back-breaking work. 
  5. Now and again there’s a job so big, you need to get someone in who’s handy with a digital spade (we keep a few out the back, if you need some help...)

Debbie Sheringham