How to edit the dullest photo in the world with little to no skill or experience

I have a confession to make.  Sometimes I sit down to write this blog and I have no idea what to write (shocking I know - who could tell?!) Sometimes, the only thing that dictates what I write (or how I write it) is the availability of images I have at my disposal.  Stock photos aren’t my thing, so generally, this means I wander around my house looking for things to take pictures of.  

In fact, the vast majority of the pictures my website and social media accounts were created on a whim on my phone and edited using free web-based software (yet again - WHO KNEW?!)

Remember these...?

OK, OK, so they’re not great - but when you only have limited time to complete a task you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

So this week, I produced a video guide on how to use one of the simplest online photo editing tools so that you too can take a picture of a Ford Mondeo and put it on your website.  Think big people, think big.


As you can see from the video - it's surprisingly easy. Even people who have never cropped a photo before can grasp it very quickly - and this is why I like using Pixlr. It's so simple, it has a great smartphone app and even the most hard-core technophobe could use it (I know this because I've trained a whole room of them...)

My other favourite is Fotor which is better for working with layers and text. It's also great for doing collages.

And then there's Canva (which to my shame, is something I've only just discovered). This tool looks amazing and comes highly recommended by the lovely Pippa Akram who introduced me to it over tea and cake today. THANKS PIP. 

There are probably loads more that I haven't used, so please add them to the comments below in a knowledge sharing, community spirited, digital group-hug kind of way.

Debbie Sheringham