The Hitchhiker's Guide to 2016


The road from here to 2017 is long and winding, but you probably have a vague idea of where you and your business want to be by this time next year.  You’ve possibly also made some kind of loose New Year resolution that looks a bit like this...

No, salt and vinegar Walkers, don't count as 'greens'.

No, salt and vinegar Walkers, don't count as 'greens'.

There’s more than one route you can take to having a manageable social media strategy, but every journey starts with a few tentative footsteps, and every traveller needs a vague idea of where they want to go.  

Like a wise old woman, sitting on her front porch as you pass by on the start of your journey, knapsack on your back, please allow us to send you on your way with a few nuggets of advice to keep you on the straight and narrow for the coming months.

Be a good travel companion

Don’t talk about yourself all the time, ask a few questions, share something interesting.  If you’ve got an exciting thing you want to tell people about, tell them, but be sensitive to your audience. If you spend all day bragging about how great you are, it’s unlikely people will want to spend any time with you. 

Look under the bonnet

Spend a bit of time getting to know how your preferred social networks work. Spend more than a bit of time getting to know what your followers value about you. Look at your stats. Figure out what makes your audience tick. Give them a little more of what they like.

Stop at the traffic lights 

If you’re writing (or re-sharing) a social media post that feels a bit ‘wrong’, trust your inner traffic lights. If it’s anything but green, stop, think and re-write (or get someone to help you). Only spread stuff worth spreading. Think twice about posting cheap jokes, or copied and pasted memes - they can easily be misconstrued and on social media no one can see you smile and wink (and no, an emoji won’t do in this scenario.)

Ask for help

Don’t be frightened to stick out your thumb and hitch a lift or ask for directions. Without a little guidance, there’s a chance you might end up going round and round in circles. To avoid getting dizzy, have a look at our Services page to see if we can point you in the right direction.  


And with that, may we wish you a prosperous journey in 2016.  Bon voyage, auf Wiedersehen pet, hasta la vista baby, may the force be with you.

One more thing… Don’t forget your towel

Debbie Sheringham